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I've been doing this a while now - helping people buy and sell real estate. I love it. I bring passion and energy to the table that you can feel. 


In the 12 years I've been a Realtor, I tell people I have never sold a house!​ The house sells itself. Rather, I provide the strategic guidance to either get top dollar when selling, or get the best value when buying. 

That's where the experience comes in. I've been involved in hundreds of transactions and know when there's room to wiggle, when to dig in, and what needs to be done to get a deal signed. 

My wife, Megan, and I have four children. To maintain sanity, she does yoga and I go to CrossFit. I am the Co-Chair of the School Council at McDonald Drive Elementary and donate other spare time to various charities in the city. I have degrees in political science and education, and a post grad diploma in international relations. 




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